Student Funding
The ARTC does not provide funding (tuition, student fees, or scholarship) to students accepted into the program. Prospective students applying to the program are encouraged to apply for external funding. Information on external funding may be found at each university's School/Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students at the MUN site are required by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Medicine to have minimum funding for full-time. Consult their website ( for details.

When students participate in their research residency, it is anticipated they will receive a monthly stipend, although this is a matter for individual organizations and as such cannot be guaranteed. They may also apply for funding through other agencies such as the Mitacs Accelerate internship program - visit for details.
Student Employment and Funding

In order to maintain full-time student status, students are expected to devote themselves substantially to their studies. Paid employment outside of the Program is permitted normally only to a maximum of 16 hours per week. Students who accept paid employment beyond this limit will be reduced to part-time status. If the student receives funding, the funding organization may have more restrictive limits on employment.